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Menagement Board


Management Board of AA in BH 


  1. Prepares and proposes a draft amendment of the Statute and other acts passed by the Assembly,
  2. Pursues policies, resolutions and other decisions adopted by the Assembly,
  3. Manages the Association  between the two assemblies,
  4. Prepares and proposes materials, proposals and decisions  to the Assembly, on what the Assembly  decides,
  5. Manages the assets of the Company,
  6. Does in the case of paragraph 5 of Article 21 amendment of this Statute to a maximum of two (2) members of the Management Board and a member of the Supervisory Board with a mandate to  the first next Assembly,
  7. Submits annual or periodic reports on its work to the Assembly as well as financial statements,
  8. And particularly maintains contacts with professional associations  in the country and abroad and with international organizations,
  9. And performs other duties specified by the Statute.


Management Board of AA in BH: 

  1. Anita Beus
  2. Bakir Pilav
  3. Sanela Fazlić-Ključo
  4. Milenka Tolj
  5. Željka Barun
  6. Miralem Avdaković.

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