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Who is an actuary?


Article 2 Law on Insurance companies in private insurance:

“An Authorized actuary is a physical person authorized by the proper authorities to do actuarial jobs.”

Actuary is a specialist who deals with issues of uncertainty and risk that seeks to reduce the different types of risk and uncertainty to a minimum statistically acceptable extent using the specialist knowledge of mathematics, statistics and economics.

Most actuaries are employed in the business of insurance. They develop insurance products including making premium tariff, compute technical provisions in the insurance, take account of sale of insurance funds and perform a number of other highly business insurance. More and more actuaries now works in the areas of banking and capital markets and in other various areas which require use of a combination of specialist knowledge in the fields of mathematics, statistics and economics in order to minimize risk and uncertainty.

Actuaries and their professions, nor in Bosnia nor in the world, most commonly are not known to the average citizen, because there are not many of them. However, we are proud of the fact that as a profession we care about the financial stability of millions of people.




Letter of thanks:

We express gratitude to the companies and institutions that have given financial support to The Actuarial Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and consequently contributed to the all successes that The Actuarial Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina has achieved.

AGENCIJA za nadzor osiguranja F BiH

BOSNA Reosiguranje d.d., Sarajevo

CAMELIJA Osiguranje d.d., Bihać

CROATIA Osiguranje d.d., Ljubuški

DELOITTE d.o.o., Sarajevo

ELITA Prva d.o.o., Sarajevo

EUROHERC Osiguranje d.d., Sarajevo

GRAWE Osiguranje d.d., Sarajevo

MERKUR Osiguranje d.d., Sarajevo

TRIGLAV BH Osiguranje d.d., Sarajevo

UDRUŽENJE društava za osiguranje u F BiH

UNIQA Osiguranje d.d., Sarajevo



We sincerely hope all other companies will follow an example the companies announced above and doing that through activities of the Actuarial Association in BH contribute to the professional development of insurance industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.




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