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Seminar Solvency II (Module II) - Sarajevo 06.12.2010.


Agencija za nadzor osiguranje 
Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine                               
Insurance Supervisory Agency
of Federation of BH

( II module )

Orginiser: The Supervisory Agency of Federation of BH and
  Actuarial Association in BH
 Dates: 06.12. and 07.12.2010 
Lecturers: Aleš Tomažin, MSc
            Andrej Pangeršič, MSc
 Place: Sarajevo, the Hotel Sarajevo
Conditions / The program of seminar
The seminar is designed for regulatory and supervisory authorities in the field of insurance and insurance companies. 





Actuarial Association in BH in cooperation with the Supervisory Agency of Federation of BH held the second in a set of seminars-Module II- with the theme Solvency II on 06.12.2010 and 07.12.2010.

The theme of the „Module II“  was currently most topical issue of insurance industry in EU-Solvency II.

The seminar was extremely successful as evidenced by the interest and number of participants of the seminar.

The seminar was attended by 55 participants representatives of Insurance Superviory agency of F BH, Insurance agency of RS, Insurance agency of BH, Ministry of finance F BH and almost all companies operating in insurance industry in BH.

The lecturer were Aleš Tomažin authorised  actuary and MSc from Slovenia and Andrej Pangeršič MSc from Slovenia both of them with a rich experience of practical work in the insurance industry.

The presentations from the seminar can be downloaded  by the participants of the seminar here.




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